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Plain & Colored Concrete

Not all concrete warrants decorative coloring or patterning, although both can significantly embellish the look of the concrete surface as well as hide blemishes. Plain, gray concrete is still the most common surface installed, whether for reasons of economy or a desire for a functional, unadulterated surface with a timeless appearance. But even when concrete is not going to be colored, textured or patterned, proper installation and maintenance are key to achieving good results.

Dorias Concreting is an innovative Melbourne based owned business offering an affordable range of concrete products & services.

Coloured Concrete can be achieved with two methods.

  • Adding coloured stone dust to wet concrete, penetrating approximately 3-5mm will give you an oxide colouring of the top layer of the natural concrete.
  • Adding powder oxide to natural concrete at the time of mixing will achieve a full penetration of coloured oxide through the natural concrete, ultimately giving you a longer lasting colour to your concrete.

Click here to view the Colourmix-Colour-Chart

For quality concrete restoration, decorative concrete & maintenance which offers prompt & reliable service to support your entire concreting experience from start to finish look no further. A Dorias Concreting representative will sit down & go through each step of the job process in order to enhance the look & feel of your home in order to provide a more personalized approach.

We are committed to providing exceptional service & value to each & every customer. This is done by our proactive approach to customer service & communication is the key to our success. Right from the beginning of the job we are their to help by offering on time & budget solutions to all your concreting needs