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Concrete Driveway Pavers

Are you looking for Concrete Driveway Pavers in Melbourne?

Concrete driveway pavers
Concrete driveway pavers Melbourne

Doria’s Concreting is the best option for those who want the perfect concrete resurfacing in Melbourne. We have years of experience and famous as the top Concrete driveway pavers in and around Melbourne. We make sure that all the projects that we take are done without any mistakes and we strive hard to provide true value and professional results.

To enhance the beauty of your house concrete driveways play a vital role. We are the expert driveway pavers in Melbourne. Our beautiful concrete driveway pavers are installed throughout Melbourne.

  1. We come to you and discuss about the pavers colors, patterns and if you are unable to decide we will show you the pictures of driveway pavers throughout the Melbourne.
  1. We make sure to order the right materials and coordinate the installation and deliver the final product in time.
  1. We have a team of professional and expended crew who carefully remove your existing driveways and without disturbing your yard.
  1. To create a rock solid basement, we remove both your existing driveway and dirt beneath it and install the enough base material on it. After compacting the material we install the concrete pavers on it.
  1. Now, we install the pavers as per the specification given by you during the discussions. We lay the pavers, cut the borders, install concrete edge restraints and compact sand in between the paver joints.
  1. We make sure to clean the debris and other wastes on your new driveway. If you want to seal your driveway, we return to you in 4-6 weeks to apply the sealer.

Our Recent Works



We have experienced contractors in Melbourne and we ensure to use a 2 3/8″ driveway paver on top of a 2.5″ bed of concrete fines. This is the proper and recommended way of paver installation. We also partnered with some of the local paver systems suppliers to select and the best pavers and install them at affordable prices.

We also have experience in the stamped concrete paving which is functional, decorative and adds value to your home and money. We use this for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring.

Hire us today to get the best concrete driveway pavers installation in Melbourne.